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Personal Testimonials

Jacob P. from Mapleton, UT, whose GMC was in for an auto repair, on 8/7/2015:
"They were very honest in what I needed and what was optional, and gave advice so I didn't have to pay more than I needed. However the labor seemed a bit expensive."

Annilyn S. on 8/6/2015:
"It is superb. By far my favorite shop I have ever worked with. I love how they explain everything to me and don't assume that I don't know anything about my car. They don't question me when I tell them what's wrong. They are very respectful and considerate. I tell all my friends that Clegg is the best."

Anonymous on 7/23/2015:
"Expect them to do everything to fix your problem, and they're always clear and honest"

Dana D. D. from Provo, UT, whose Ford was in for an auto repair service, on 7/22/2015:
"Cleggs cares about their customers."

Eric K. from Alpine, UT, whose Mini was in for an auto repair service, on 6/24/2015:
"They are really reliable with their quality of service, but can take a few days to get things done. Also price was about what I expected it to be."

Karissa on 6/20/2015:
"They do a fantastic job and they have amazing customer service. Wow!"

Rhett D. from Salem, UT, whose Nissan was in for an auto repair service, on 6/19/2015:
"Clegg auto does quality work for the quoted price."

Mary W. from Provo, UT, whose Dodge was in for an auto repair service, on 5/27/2015:
"As usual, I would recommend friends to Clegg Auto. I especially appreciate the loaner car, which enables me to continue with my day without losing hours to my car repair."

Kent W. from Provo, UT, whose Toyota was in for a smog check, on 5/13/2015:
"You guys are the best!"

Robert from Lehi, UT, whose Chrysler was in for an auto repair, on 4/28/2015:
"The quality of work was good, but I don't understand why I was charged extra for an oil change when I have been there several times before for oil changes and have never been charged extra."

Carson K. from Orem, UT, whose Cadillac was in for an auto repair service, on 4/22/2015:
"They're nice! Beyond the normal nice guy mechanic stereotype. Very fast in their work, and good prices."

Kyle S. from Provo, UT, whose Chrysler was in for an auto repair service, on 4/18/2015:
"I would tell them I've been to lots of auto places that I would never return to, but Clegg is the only one I would ever choose to go back to."

Carson K. from Orem, UT, whose Cadillac was in for an auto repair service, on 4/14/2015:
"Great prices, and friendly people."

Kelly D. from Provo, UT, whose Ford was in for an auto repair service, on 4/8/2015:
"The staff is very helpful and accommodating. They are always honest and don't try to rip you off, which is great for students. The guys they have working there are experienced and skilled"

Kiki K. from Santaquin, UT, whose Saturn was in for an auto repair, on 3/25/2015:
"Best I've EVER come across!!!"

Nicholas B. from Mapleton, UT, whose Chevrolet was in for an auto repair service, on 3/17/2015:
"Outstanding service and always helpful"

Audrey B. from Provo, UT, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair, on 3/13/2015:
"The guys at Cleggs won't cheat you out of your money like other places, they're super honest good people and do great work in a timely manner. They provide outstanding service!"

Ginger D. from Provo, UT, whose Kia was in for an auto repair service, on 3/12/2015:
"Clegg Auto is great. I appreciated how open, friendly, and honest the mechanics were, and was impressed by how quickly they finished my car maintenance."

Ian B. from Provo, UT, whose Honda was in for an auto repair service, on 3/5/2015:
"Clegg's is AWESOME!!! They are great about telling me what needs to be done right away and what can wait. This last time I went in and had a service done I wasn't going to be able to get there to pick up my car until after they closed, so they stayed open for an extra 20 minutes so that I could pick up my car. They didn't even seem annoyed by it. The service was great and I love the free Air Freshener and drink they give you while you wait."

Anonymous on 2/11/2015:
"Exceeded all my expectations! I'm a lifer now! You've earned my business!"

Kyle S. from Provo, UT, whose Chrysler was in for an auto repair, on 2/11/2015:
"I have been to a lot of auto repair places, and this is the first one that is honest, reliable, and affordable. I feel like they care about what I want and are ready to help any way they can!"

Anonymous on 2/11/2015:
"Clegg's attention to their customers is even better than their great attention to their work. They make sure the repair experience is as low-stress as possible."

Anonymous on 1/31/2015:
"Clegg is the best. Honest and fair priced."

Cameron D. from Provo, UT, whose Honda was in for an auto repair, on 1/27/2015:
"They perform excellent work and have great customer service."

Matt M. from Springville, UT, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair service, on 1/24/2015:
"They should go to Clegg's. I love it."

Rob F. from Springville, UT, whose Mercury was in for an auto repair, on 1/22/2015:
"I like the quality of work. The staff is focused on customer service."

Luis C. from Provo, UT, whose Volvo was in for an auto repair service, on 1/15/2015:
"By far the best auto shop that I have been. The customer service was excellent! Mechanics can unintentionally be rude because they're over-booked and always in a hurry to get the next thing done. Clegg Auto actually listened to me and gave great one on one time."

Kyle S. from Provo, UT, whose Chrysler was in for an auto repair service, on 12/19/2014:
"The runner who picks people up should quit smoking...his breath was a little off. EVERYTHING ELSE WAS AWESOME!!! VERY PROFESSIONAL AND TRULY CARE ABOUT MY CAR AND MY FAMILY MORE THAN THE MONEY THEY GET FROM SERVING ME!!!"

Aaron E. from Provo, UT, whose Chrysler was in for an auto repair service, on 11/27/2014:
"I would easily say that it was the best customer service experience that I have *EVER* had. You guys have me hooked for life. I've told my friends, family, everyone that I possibly know about the great service I've received at your Provo shop. Today, I stopped in for routine maintenance (oil change, etc) to be done and for the technicians to simply check if there was anything that would impede me from going to St George this weekend. There was, I had a horribly balded back tire with some of the secondary rubber already showing. I was advised to get it replaced as soon as possible. The technician told me he'd speed along the process so I could head over to Big O tires nearby. I watched from the office as my car was slowly lowered from the jack. Just then something interesting happened, I watched as my car was raised again, figuring it to mean that they had found something else, I simply sat back down in my chair and began to read my news magazine. I later discovered that they had gone to Big O, and swapped out 2 of my old tires for newer ones. Ready to pay, I asked how much the tires would cost me. The technician merely smiled and said, "don't worry about it, it's taken care of. Have a safe trip to St George." I was shocked, I couldn't even show the right emotions... no one has ever given me such great customer service. The people at Clegg seem less like just regular auto mechanics and more like friends. In fact, I plan on bringing by some donuts, and in the new year, some fresh baked banana bread for the guys that work there. My family was surprised when I told them this story, And I hope that others will be as well. I think they did a great job and I would recommend them to anyone who asked."

Kyle on 11/26/2014:
"I would tell them that is the only place in Provo to take your car."

Brandon R. from Provo, UT, whose MAZDA was in for an auto repair, on 11/21/2014:
"Best experience I've had at an auto shop in a long time!"

Anonymous on 11/19/2014:
"Go to Clegg's! We've always received good, friendly service and advice there."

Yolanda on 11/5/2014:
"I will tell them of the good experience with my car and also the good treatment."

Doug C. from Provo, UT, whose Ford was in for an auto repair service, on 10/23/2014:
"I stumbled across Clegg when my first car broke down near their Orem location. I've used them ever since, and found excellent service and a real desire to put the customer first. When I've tried other places, I always leave feeling like I've had to push back to keep shops from trying to over-service my car and squeeze me for my money. Clegg is always an easy, enjoyable experience, so they continue to get my business."

Audrey D. on 10/21/2014:
"You definitely should go to them. They are some of the nicest people and will give you an honest recommendation to maintain your car. They provide exceptional service and complementary items and give great discounts. May be a little more expensive but they do outstanding work and it's an overall good experience so it's totally worth it. And they warranty all your repairs for two years."

Annilyn S. from Provo, UT, whose TOYOTA was in for an auto repair, on 10/10/2014:
"This was one of the best experiences I have had at a shop. I felt respected and valued as a customer. The mechanics talked to me and helped me understand better what was wrong with my car. It was super fast and I left very happy I had decided to try Clegg."

Audrey B. from Provo, UT, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair, on 10/9/2014:
"It is the best most honest auto shop in Provo. Don't go anywhere else."

Anonymous on 9/28/2014:
"The loaner car that I was able to use while my car was worked on was a great help"

Kerry S. from Orem, UT, whose Ford was in for an auto repair service, on 9/16/2014:
"Cleggs provides quality service and I trust them to only do what is needed on my car."

Mikayla P. from Provo, UT, whose Ford was in for an auto repair service, on 9/12/2014:
"I was very impressed by Clegg Auto Provo's work. They repaired the brakes on my car very quickly. I took my car in the next week to get the engine checked and they called and took the time to explai to me exactly what the problem was. They had the repairs done that day. I rely on my car a lot and I was grateful for their speedy and quality service."

Anonymous on 9/10/2014:
"Being able to drop a car off to a clean and professional garage is a great start! Having your vehicle worked on and by professionals who stand behind their work is just as amazing!"

Anonymous on 9/9/2014:
"Great, honest service at very competitive rates."

Barbara And Ed P. from Orem, UT, whose Chrysler was in for an auto repair, on 9/4/2014:
"Glen was fantastic. Price was fantastic. Place is clean and comfortable if you want to wait. Everything was explained thoughly. Before we took our car in Glen had seen our daughter across the street when she was stranded because her car broke down. He ran over, gave her an emergency fix. He gave her a very reasonable estimate and he fixed it perfectly. Again at a great price. We couldn't be happier. Thanks guys!!!"

Mary W. from Provo, UT, whose Dodge was in for an auto repair, on 8/27/2014:
"I've already recommended Clegg to several friends. I don't tell them that you have the cheapest prices, but the prices are fair and the customer service is well worth paying a little more. I've always been happy with the mechanical work I've received at various shops (except a bad experience at a dealership mechanic once), so I can't say whether your quality is that much better. But you guys blow it out of the water with great customer service!"

Michelle H. on 7/1/2014:
"Perfect, efficient, honest, and better than expected."

Diana C. from Springville, UT, whose Ford was in for an auto repair service, on 6/29/2014:
"I would tell them this shop is HONEST and that means everything. I would tell them the story of the engine mount not needing to be replaced and therefore IT WASN'T. Clegg's in Provo goes the extra mile by providing you with a courtesy car rather than having to rely on friends or family. I would tell them I am certainly going to be a repeat customer from this day forward. I found "my mechanic!""

Kathleen N. from Alpine, UT, whose Kia was in for an auto repair, on 6/3/2014:
"I would tell them that Clegg's Auto (all three locations) is a business they can trust. They are knowledgable and honest. I have found their employees go the extra mile to be friendly, willing to take the time to explaine everything and they leave their cost customers feeling good in every way, right down to the cold beverage you are given."

Bryce B. from Provo, UT, whose Dodge was in for an auto repair, on 5/29/2014:
"Honest, friendly mechanics. Great customer service (especially the free courtesy shuttle!)."

Joe A. from Orem, UT, whose Ford was in for a smog check, on 5/23/2014:
"They are great in giving you every details of what issues you have and try their best to make sure you don't have to spend too much."

Spencer L. from Orem, UT, whose Mazda was in for an auto repair service, on 5/19/2014:
"That it is great, they treat you well and are good about giving you options and letting you know what your car may need in the future, which is great for anyone on a tight budget. They seem to be pretty honest."

Brian F. from Provo, UT, whose Ford was in for an auto repair, on 5/6/2014:
"This ix a shop that I would recommend to my Family. I trust these guys."

Bryan from Highland, UT, whose Dodge was in for an auto repair, on 3/31/2014:
"Attention to detail and communication with me was excellent."

Chase M. from Provo, UT, whose Acura was in for an auto repair, on 3/28/2014:
"Good work. Seems a little pricey but I don't think they are trying to screw you over"

Kerry S. from Orem, UT, whose Saturn was in for an auto repair, on 3/28/2014:
"Clegg's is fast and honest!"

Marie L. from Springville, UT, whose Toyota was in for a smog check, on 3/10/2014:
"They were very friendly and kind when I came by for my safety and emissions test. I work for Bonneville Asphalt & Repair and have liked how pleasant and kind Clegg Auto has been to work with so I figured I would stop in for my test. And if and should there be something wrong then at least I would know they would take care of me and be honest. And that is the case. Thank you Clegg Auto will happily come again."

Ian S. on 2/28/2014:
"They do a good job and are very pleasant to talk to - it was an expensive job I got done and wish I could have got some kind of discount on the labor the second time I came in after just a week of my last repair. But they did a good job nonetheless, so what can i complain about"

Kerry S. from Orem, UT, whose Saturn was in for an auto repair service, on 2/12/2014:
"I trust Cleggs for all my automotive needs"

Anonymous on 2/2/2014:
"They have always treated me with courtesy, worked with my schedule and made any needed repairs quickly and well. They didn't even charge me for doing my car registration online."

Louise C. from Lehi, UT, whose Ford was in for an auto repair, on 12/31/2013:
"Honest, reliable, courteous, fair prices, respectable, trustworthy."

Jared O. from Provo, UT, whose Chevrolet was in for an auto repair service, on 12/27/2013:
"They are helpful and professional"

Bryson S. from Provo, UT, whose Volkswagen was in for an auto repair service, on 11/21/2013:
"They went the extra mile to find me the best deal, gave me a student discount, and they were very friendly throughout the entire process. I would recommend Clegg Auto to anyone!"

Don B. from Mapleton, UT, whose GMC was in for an auto repair service, on 11/7/2013:
"Both my husband and myself received polite and accurate explanations of the repairs on our car. They were very communicative and contacted us in the time frame they agreed upon."

Mary W. from Provo, UT, whose Mazda was in for an auto repair service, on 11/5/2013:
"Good communication, quick repair, professional."

Cameron Q. from Provo, UT, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair, on 9/5/2013:
"Friendly, quality service and a fair price. I will be back."

Darren & Kerry S. on 8/22/2013:
"I am always impressed with the quality of service and the fast efficient way they handle all my automotive needs. They are honest and fair with pricing and service. Glen is very knowledgeable and goes above and beyond expectations."

Sandy J on 8/22/2013:
"Very clean surroundings, complimentary refreshments, and great customer service make this the auto maintenance shop for my family!"

Rachel T on 8/22/2013:
"Really friendly; gave great advice that I felt I could trust; told me where to take my car for some cheaper repairs; explained everything to me; and drove me back home when I asked"

Don R. on 8/22/2013:
"I was very pleased with it. I did not expect to be able to renew my registration through them, but they offered and it took 5 minutes. It saved me a lot of time and effort.

They also told me about maintenance I may need without automatically performing and billing me for it just increases my opinion of them. Great staff, great service."

Loucha C. on 8/22/2013:
"I seriously love love cleggs now!! They where so nice and funny that they had me rolling on the floor!! I love Chad he's the nicest..... and then there is sexy Johnny OMG they worked on my car and took it for a test drive and at that time I didn't have gas so they put some money in.... they r now my 1 and only Utah favorite car fixer uper!!!! Thanks clegg you guys rock :) love Chad booboo"

Kristina T. on 8/22/2013:
"I had a great experience! Staff was kind and worked very quickly to get my car back to me! I strongly appreciated that they called the towing service for me as well as calling me every step of the way to get my approval on the services being done and the estimated price before they continued.

Only thing that could have improved my visit would have been if they could have had a lone car I could borrow for the day. Oh well. I would suggest them to friends and family!

Thanks Cleggs!"

Cliff S. on 8/22/2013:
"Service was great. The mechanics were honest and strait forward. Despite having an appointment it took some time to get my vehicle in to one of the bays for service."

Audryn D. on 8/22/2013:
"I went to Clegg Auto when I was worried about my car battery. The man who greeted me was exceptionally friendly and helpful and provided all the information I needed. I ended up needing a new battery and they didn't have one at their location, so they had to get one elsewhere. The man recommended this battery highly and my car was taken care of quickly (considering they had to get a battery from somewhere else) and efficiently. They even give out free car air fresheners when you get a service done!"

Anonymous A. on 8/22/2013:
"You guys knocked a large chunk of the cost of labor off my bill because you felt what the computer said to charge was too high, and I really appreciated that. We were expecting to have to wait a couple days for the part to be ordered in order to fix the car, but it was all taken care of the same day."

Wendy R. on 8/22/2013:
"A mechanic stayed late to make sure I had my car done the day I dropped it off. Since we are a one car family I was extremely grateful!"

Sariah C. on 8/22/2013:
"Clegg Auto always treats me very well! They're nice and don't take advantage of the fact that I don't know much about cars. I always trust them to take care of me. My sister and I have been coming exclusively to them for years."

Anonymous A. on 8/22/2013:
"I feel like I can trust these guys. They didn't try to rip me off and they gave me their honest opinions and then let me decide what I wanted."

Ken M. on 8/22/2013:
"Clegg Auto has been voted the best for the simple reason that they are the best. Best at understanding the problems; best at giving customer oriented reasonable advise- not just for their profit; multilingual staff; excellent work/response time; and most of all- it seems they are most interested that the job they do will make you want to come back, with your friends."

Anonymous A. on 8/22/2013:
"I was able to get a state emissions and safety inspection while waiting for only 25 minutes. I was able to register my vehicle and get the sticker on the spot."

Kandice W. on 8/22/2013:
"They were all very wonderful, and took great care of my baby. :) they kept in contact with me letting me know what needed to be done, most importantly to just the simple every once in a while things. Thank you nick for being a good sport when I was being such a girl. :)"

Anonymous A. on 8/22/2013:
"Pros: Clean office

Friendly staff

Timely service

Free drinks and air freshener

Free car inspection with no pressure to fix it immediately

Cons: You can find cheaper places, BUT considering the pros, I would go back to Clegg Auto."

Anonymous A. on 8/22/2013:
"Clegg Auto was wonderful! I went in and explained my car problem and they immediately took the time to check out my car. When they told me that they would have to look at it longer, they offered a shuttle service so that I could get to and from work the next day. They stayed in communication during the treatment of my car and were very professional and helpful."

Anonymous A. on 8/22/2013:
"I'm always a little skeptical about visiting auto shops because I feel like they're trying to get more money out of me than they need to. Cleggs never does this. The first time I went in, they fixed the front bumper that had fallen off without us asking or charging us anything for it. They also recommend service that should be done but don't push getting it done now if you don't want to. They've definitely won my business!"

Becky H on 8/22/2013:
"Moving to a new area and finding a new mechanic can be difficult. Clegg is amazing. We've been going to them for a little over a year and they have always been honest and fair. This isn't the type of mechanic that tells you a ton is wrong with your car and if you don't get it done right then and there that you'll crash. They are really honest about what does and does not need to get done. I recommend Clegg Auto every chance I get."

James & Nichole E. on 8/22/2013:
"Clegg auto fixed my problem more cheaply than I anticipated and didn't play any games telling me I needed things I didn't. They are my first choice for any real work."

Sara B. on 8/22/2013:
"Great experience! I really feel like they balanced what's best for my car with what's best for my wallet. I appreciated the honesty."

Anonymous A. on 8/22/2013:
"They're awesome! Very fast, professional, honest and understanding. I've only gone twice but I have definite plans to go in future for all my car needs. I highly recommend them."

Joe A. on 8/22/2013:
"Clegg Auto has been exceptional. After getting my Bronco engine rebuilt, we were having trouble getting the truck to pass emission. Clegg Auto never gave up and continued to work with me until they found the problem without charging me any labor cost and only charge me for the parts that needed replacement. I have made Clegg Auto my place for all of my vehicles. The staff are great and professional."

Danielle M on 8/22/2013:
"Always great! I feel comfortable and that I can trust you! My only complaint is I wish there was a board that had what basic services (ex. oil changes, maintenance packages)you offered and their price."

Tammy B. on 8/22/2013:
"There is a reason I keep coming back. Staff keeps me informed on issues that progress. And the courtesy check let me know what I need to keep my eye on with my car. This is really helpful for me since my car is almost 20 years old."

Wendy R. on 8/22/2013:
"As always, the staff was very courteous and explained the problems carefully."

Jordan J. on 8/22/2013:
"Very quick to get back at me and update me during inspection, they didn't just make me sit in the lobby, told me how things were with my car, recommendations, what to get done for my next service. Those little interactions go a long way for me"

Ruth & David M. on 8/22/2013:
"They add that special touch to your service appointment which makes you feel like you have your own personal mechanic."

Stuart S. on 8/22/2013:
"Very timely and expert solving of our cars' problems. We really appreciate the same day service in most instances. We feel you are honest in your pricing in view of the good quality products and service. Thank you, Stuart and Suzanne Slingerland."

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